New COVID-19 cases keep climbing in Jackson County – Mail Tribune

New COVID-19 cases continued to climb in Jackson County and statewide this week while newly diagnosed cases dropped off in Josephine County.
Oregon Health Authority reported 276 new COVID-19 cases in Jackson County during the past week, up from 263 cases the week before.
For Josephine County, OHA reported 107 new COVID-19 cases during the past week, down from 158 the week before.
No Rogue Valley residents died of COVID-19-related causes during the past week, compared with one Jackson County resident and one Josephine County resident who died the week before, according to preliminary data from OHA. Deaths can take time to categorize as OHA receives and analyzes information from health care facilities and death certificates.
Statewide, OHA reported 4,534 new COVID-19 cases for the past week, up from 3,928 the week before. Five Oregonians died of COVID-19-related causes over the past week, compared with seven who died the previous week, according to preliminary OHA data.
Oregon hospitals were caring for 322 patients with the virus this week, down from 363 the week before. Hospitals in Jackson and Josephine counties were caring for 48 patients with the virus this week compared with 50 the week before, according to hospitalization data.
Intensive care units at the four hospitals in the Rogue Valley were 96% full this week, with two open beds among the hospitals. Non-ICU beds were 90% full, with 44 open beds, according to hospitalization data.
Vaccinations against the flu and COVID-19 are available at county health departments, doctors’ offices and many local pharmacies.
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