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Belarusian hackers have announced the hacking of the medical centre for the administration of the affairs of Alexander Lukashenko, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus. According to the documents received, Lukashenko may not have taken PCR tests for coronavirus before meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin
Source: Latvia-based Russian media outlet Meduza, Belarusian news outlet Mirror
Details: Hackers calling themselves the United Resistance Headquarters have disclosed more than 70 files, which are electronic versions of PCR testing certificates for coronavirus issued to Alexander Lukashenko and his son Nikolai.
The Belarusian outlet Mirror recognised the documents as genuine. It writes that each file has a QR code, which leads to the official website of the medical centre of Lukashenko's affairs management, where the same certificate is displayed and can be downloaded in PDF format.
The certificates cover the period from April 2021 to the end of December 2022. Almost all of them were issued before Lukashenko's meetings with Putin (until September 2021, one test was enough, after – two or more). The certificates have also been issued in the name of Lukashenko's son. According to the data from the certificates, we can conclude that his father took Nikolai to most of the meetings with Putin. This was not officially advertised.
The analysis of the documents shows that the certificates contain a number of inconsistencies. In particular, there are two different passport numbers in Lukashenko's test results, and three in Nikolai Lukashenko's test results (one of them coincides with the passport number indicated in his father's certificates).
In addition, Alexander and Nikolai Lukashenko often received certificates on the same day and time. Sometimes the dates of the tests were changed, while the time of the analysis and issuance of the document remained the same.
The time of testing and the time of issuing the certificate coincide in many certificates, although it takes time to obtain the PCR test result. The date of issuance of the certificate is ahead of the date of testing in at least one document.
Therefore, the United Resistance Headquarters suggested that Lukashenko might not have actually been tested for COVID-19.
Back in 2020, Lukashenko claimed that he had suffered a coronavirus asymptomatically, i.e. on his feet.
In early July 2020, Lukashenko said that the coronavirus had been defeated in his country.
He believes that COVID-19 is a "psychosis", to which the world community has succumbed. According to him, people in the country die from various concomitant diseases, not from the coronavirus.
At the same time, after the start of the pandemic, Putin sharply reduced the number of contacts and personal participation in events.
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