Updated COVID-19 boosters now available for everyone six months and older at Pandemic Operations Center – Communications and Outreach – Communications and Outreach – North Carolina – New Hanover County

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC – The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have expanded the eligibility for the updated bivalent COVID-19 vaccine formulas from Pfizer and Moderna to include everyone six months of age and older, and they are now available at the Pandemic Operations Center based on eligibility. Eligibility for children 6 months to 5 years should be discussed with a health care provider, as there is specific timing for each dose. Updated frequently asked questions about the vaccines and boosters can also be found at Health.NHCgov.com.
“We are excited that the updated bivalent COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are now available for everyone 6 months and older and have shown great efficacy and safety in all clinical trials,” said Pandemic Operations manager Jon Campbell. “These vaccines will help ensure everyone has a high level of protection against severe illness from COVID. We encourage everyone to discuss their options for the bivalent vaccine or booster with their healthcare provider and know that the Pandemic Operations Center is also available as a resource and to answer questions.”
Initial vaccines and boosters are available on a walk-in basis at the Pandemic Operations Center (1507 Greenfield Street) during the following days and times:
Members of the community are also encouraged to pick up free at-home tests and masks during operating hours at the Pandemic Operations Center. For more information on COVID-19 vaccines, boosters, and testing, visit Health.NHCGov.com/Coronavirus or call the Pandemic Operations Call Center at 910-798-6601.
New Hanover County continues to remain at a low COVID-19 community level, according to the CDC. Recommended precautions for this level include being fully vaccinated and boosted, and testing for COVID if you develop symptoms. Mask usage at this community level is optional. The CDC updates community levels weekly, so residents can check the CDC website here to know the current community impact level.
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