Rise in COVID-19 cases in Milwaukee area a 'concern' for health … – WDJT

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MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — Milwaukee County health leaders are alerting the public to be cautious as COVID-19 cases, positivity and hospitalizations have risen in recent weeks at the same time as health care providers battle an aggressive flu season and RSV infections.
“The good news, first, is that RSV is going down,” Dr. Ben Weston, Milwaukee County’s chief health policy advisor, told CBS 58. “Now, on the flip side, we’re seeing increases in flu and unfortunately we’re seeing increases in Covid as well.”

UPDATE: Concerning & consistent trends in #Milwaukee County for #COVID cases, positivity, and now hospitalizations– all rising.

This in the setting of record breaking #flu levels.

Be sure you & your loved ones are vaccinated AND BOOSTED with bivalent booster?#StaySafepic.twitter.com/ygPvB9Q6LO

Weston said the concern comes as people travel and gather for Christmas and New Year’s, when they are likely to be with large numbers of other people and family.
“With the higher disease levels, you may also want to avoid or wear a high-quality mask in crowded, indoor spaces and you certainly want to be particularly careful with folks who are older or are more susceptible to severe disease,” Weston said. “The least that anyone can do here is to avoid contact with others when you’re sick, and that may mean not going to or rescheduling a holiday gathering, but Covid or flu is not a gift anyone wants to receive this holiday season.”
The rise in infections has also led to people getting tested for all three diseases and to go to pharmacies to stock up on medicine.
“We’ve definitely seen a spike in the number of those prescriptions, which is an indication that there are a lot of cases out there of […] flu, Covid and RSV,” Hayat Pharmacy CEO Hashim Zaibak said in an interview.
Zaibak said most cases can be treated at home, with some rare cases requiring hospitalizations.
“It’s not a reason to panic, it’s a reason to be proactive,” Zaibak said, adding traveling with something like Tylenol or ibuprofen may be a smart idea in order to treat mild symptoms.
Dr. Weston also mentioned people have access to a COVID-19 Treatment Telehealth Appointment via the Department of Health Services.
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