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  • One can find information on the available booster dose centres on the Indian government’s Co-Win portal.

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya held a top level review meeting of India’s Covid-19 situation as the global cases surge at an alarming level in China, United States, Brazil, South Korea and Japan.
While requests to regulate air travel from these countries came up from various dignitaries, there is no need to panic, as cases in India have not surged recently.
On Tuesday while issuing a directive to ramp up genome sequencing of every coronavirus positive sample, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that India has been reporting only 1200 cases weekly.
On Wednesday, Niti Aayog’s VK Paul, after the Centre’s meeting informed that only 27-28% of India’s population had taken the booster dose till date. He emphasised on the need to take the precaution dose as cases surge alarmingly globally.
“Only 27-28% of people have taken precaution dose. We appeal to others, especially senior citizens, to take precaution dose. Precaution dose is mandated and guided to everyone” Dr Paul has said. 
Dr Paul said that people with comorbidities should also keep wearing makss indoors, outdoors and in crowded spaces to avoid getting infected. Paul also said that it is mandatory that old people and people with a history of previous illness should take booster dose as soon as possible. 
One can find information on the available booster dose centres on the Indian government’s Co-Win portal.

How you can search for booster dose centre near you

-Open Co-Win portal
-Scroll down the window to ‘Search Your Nearest Vaccination Center’
-Here you can search by district, PIN code or on the map

  • For district you have to enter the State’s name and the district’s name and click on search
  • For PIN Code, you have to enter your desired PIN Code and can look up vaccination centres nearby
  • For the Search in Map method, you have to manually locate your self on the interactive map and the portal will immediately show you the nearest vaccination centres.

Another way of looking for nearest vaccination centres is by logging in with your registered phone number. 
-On the homepage clicik on sign in
-Enter your registered phone number
-Enter the OTP you have received on that phone number
-On the new window click on ‘Schedule appointment’ 
-In the new window you can search for nearest vaccination centre according to your convenience and book an appointment immediately. 
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