Booster availability and COVID-19 public health reminders – UIC Today

September 29, 2022
Dear students, faculty and staff, 
In-person classes, social activities and modified COVID-19 guidelines continue to provide the best on-campus experience possible. Our public health guidance continues to be adjusted. These decisions are based on our educational setting, current COVID-19 transmission in the community, and protecting the health and well-being of our community.
As a reminder, please review current masking protocols, noncompliance procedures and recently updated isolation and quarantine guidance: 
Masks continue to be required in classrooms, lecture centers, research labs, the libraries and learning/success centers, health care settings (including the Counseling Center), and on UIC shuttles and buses. Masking is highly encouraged in other settings, including at events, but it is a choice based on personal risk. Chicago has moved into a low level of transmission, if this is sustained for several weeks masking requirements will be reevaluated.
Instructors/lecturers may take off their mask to lecture when greater than 6 feet from the audience/students. 
Student noncompliance with COVID-19 prevention measures
If a student refuses to comply with UIC COVID-19 policies, for example, by not wearing a mask in class, they may be asked by the instructor to immediately leave class and may be reported to the Dean of Students using the COVID-19 Non-Compliance Report. If a student refuses to wear a mask and refuses to leave the classroom, this is considered student misconduct and will be reported to the Dean of Students using the Student Misconduct Incident Report Form. In these cases, the student may be subject to disciplinary action as described in the Student Disciplinary Policy.
Employee noncompliance with COVID-19 prevention measures
If an employee refuses to comply with UIC COVID-19 policies, for example, by showing up to work after being directed to quarantine/isolate, the supervisor should review COVID-19 HR guidance and communicate directly with Human Resources for further information. 
COVID-19 reporting
Stay home if you are ill or have COVID-19 symptoms to protect the health of your colleagues and classmates. If you test positive for COVID-19 at a non-UIC testing location, report test results using the UIC COVID-19 Reporting Tool. Test results from on-campus saliva testing locations will be automatically reported to UIC contact tracing.  
Isolation and quarantine 
Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 should follow the recently updated campus isolation and quarantine policies. Quarantine recommendations will no longer be impacted by vaccination status.  Repeat testing has been added to allow for release from quarantine for high-risk exposures. UI Health faculty and staff, and students who are currently on a clinical rotation or are engaged in patient-facing activities, should follow guidance provided by University Health Service contact tracing. 
A revised data dashboard will launch in October to provide COVID-19 incidence among UIC students and employees (those not affiliated with UI Health). 
Vaccines and boosters
COVID-19 vaccines are the most effective protection against serious illness, hospitalization and death.  There is a new bivalent COVID-19 vaccine booster available now that provides protection against the current circulating strains. To find a vaccine or booster location near you, visit or UI Health. If you are a UIC or UI Health employee and eligible for a booster, you can schedule an on-campus appointment for the bivalant COVID-19 booster (log in with your Net ID and password). COVID-19 boosters are recommended but not required. 
Thank you for working together to ensure our campus provides a safe in-person experience for all.  
Javier Reyes
Interim Chancellor 
Robert Barish, MD, MBA
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs 
Susan Bleasdale, MD
Chief Quality Officer and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Quality and Patient Safety