Adelaide V8 carnival worker ducks a punch from angry patron with daughter posting on TikTok

Watch the stunning moment carnival worker expertly ducks a grumpy woman’s punch after he kicked her off a ride – as Aussies troll her iconic slow-motion miss

  • Adelaide carnival worker had a near miss with a grumpy patron last weekend
  • He had asked the woman to leave the ride at the V8 Supercars event
  • The woman did not abide, instead attempting to punch the worker in the face
  • Footage of the failed punch and the worker’s expert dodge has gone viral online
  • Viewers say it was the ‘worst punch’ they’ve seen, joking about ‘slow motion’ fail

An Adelaide carnival worker has had the ultimate run-in with a grumpy patron after he expertly ducked a punch from her mid-argument. 

In footage shared online, the wannabe boxer could be seen having a verbal argument with a worker in front of a fairground ride at last weekend’s Adelaide Clipsal 500 Supercar event.

The woman was seen to be stumbling around before a carnival worker in a blue shirt adamantly gestured for her to leave.

Shockingly, the woman attempted to punch the man in the face in an almost slow-motion fashion – allowing the worker to duck the swing easily. 

But the woman’s huge swing caused her to lose her balance, with her arm swinging around her body and causing her to fall on the ground. 

The woman (pictured, brown jumper) is seen to be in an argument with the showground worker (pictured, blue shirt, bucket hat)

After attempting to punch the worker, the woman misses and ends up falling on the floor

The woman (pictured, brown shirt) is seen to be in an argument with the worker (left) before unsuccessfully attempting to punch the worker and instead falls on the ground (right)

The woman then attempted to try again, standing up and taking a step towards the worker. 

Another man, who appeared to be a security guard, stepped in time to calm the situation with the worker gesturing at her to leave.

The footage was uploaded by the showground worker’s daughter, who captioned the hilarious incident: ‘Never been more proud of my dad .. just an average day for a showman at Adelaide V8s’.

Viewers took to TikTok to troll it as the ‘worst punch’ they’d ever seen, joking about it looking like a ‘cartoon attempted punch’.

One joked the man ‘had three to four business days to prepare for that punch’, whilst another commented cheekily ‘she booked that punch for 3:15… it didn’t show up until 5:30..’

Another viewer humorously commented ‘that punch came by Australia Post…’, making fun of the organisation’s reputation for delivering things slowly. 

‘He still gets 10 points for his reaction duck’ one said, as the original poster replied ‘my dad got some kung fu moves’.

One viewer shared the daughter’s pride, saying it was ‘amazing how he defused the situation’.

The carnvial worker’s daughter posted a follow-up video on Sunday addressing some of the questions people had.

‘[The argument] went on for a good 20 minutes before [the punch] got filmed .. this was about the end of it,’ she said. 

The show worker's daughter posted a video on TikTok answering questions about the incident

The show worker’s daughter posted a video on TikTok answering questions about the incident

She confirmed ‘it was a female who swung at him’ and that her dad ‘swerved that punch like a pro’.   

‘What had happened was … she got asked to exit the ride … And she didn’t like that’, the daughter said. 

‘Super proud of him, love him.’  

The Clipsal Adelaide 500 is the first event of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, Australia’s largest domestic motorsport event that runs over four days. 

This year the event attracted 258,000 fans, with big names such as Noiseworks, Jimmy Barnes, The Killers, Amy Shark, Lime Cordiale, The Presets and Baker Boy performing at the after-race concerts. 

Winners included 20-year-old Gold Coast local Broc Feeney and Chaz Mostert with a 1-2 finish for Holden on the day it was farewelled from the sport.