Set Up the Sending Method

What is the sending method?

Before sending your first newsletters, it’s important to decide how you want to send them.

When someone sends a message, the email is specially formatted to be transmitted over the Internet using a standard called “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol” (SMTP) through a server as an outgoing mail.

Then the SMTP server communicates with the DNS to find out where the recipient’s email server is located. If the recipient’s server can’t be found, the sender will get a “Mail Failure” notification in their inbox.

If the receiving server accepts the message, it can be delivered to the recipient.

That’s why it’s important to choose how you’re going to send your emails and ensure you’ll have a fast and reliable communication between the servers to get a good deliverability rate.

Select a sending method

To set up your sending method, you’ll need to go to AutoMail > Setup > Delivery