Auto Mail Email Editor

The email designer is the most important part of Auto Mail. You’ll probably spend most of your time using it.

The Editor

There are basically two things you can do in the email editor: 

  1. Drag and drop objects created from the sidebar to your editor;
  2. Perform actions (edit settings, delete, duplicate or move) on each object (i.e.: a text block, image, button, etc.) or layout (i.e.: two columns) that this object is inside.

In the image below, the light blue box has a lateral tab with the options and actions related to the one-column layout block. You can check its settings, delete, duplicate, or move it.

The dark blue box has a bottom tab with the actions for the section, so you can delete, duplicate, or move it.

Sidebar Options

In the right sidebar, you’ll find three menu items that will help you customize your newsletter:

  1. Content: add buttons, widgets, and other content to your newsletter.
  2. Blocks: add pre-created columns to your newsletter.
  3. Body: change your global newsletter styles

The Content Panel

All of these tools are drag-and-drop. That means you simply have to grab one and drag into a layout block in the editor to the left.

1. Text

This tool allows you to add text to your newsletter. It’s as simple as that! You can customize the text in many ways:

  • Make the text bold or italic
  • Change the text color
  • Add or remove a hyperlink
  • Align the text to the left, right, center, or make it justified
  • Change Line Height

2. Image

This tool lets you add images to your newsletter. You can upload new ones directly or from image url.

3. Button

This tool is used to create buttons. When you drag the button tool into your newsletter, you’ll need to click on the button area to edit its settings. This icon is displayed when you hover your mouse over the button block. After clicking the button area, the settings will be displayed:


4. Divider

The divider is useful to separate content blocks inside your newsletter. Use as many dividers as you like! 

5. Heading

This tool lets you add heading to your newsletter

6. Columns

The columns is used to add content blocks inside your newsletter. 

7. Html

This tool lets you add html to your newsletter

8. Menu

This tool lets you add menu to your newsletter